Now Is a Great Time to Celebrate Residents

The holidays are the perfect time to make sure your residents are happy and feeling like they’re being appreciated as the year comes to a close. Conveying gratitude is always a good idea regardless of the season. Events are a great way to boost retention rates, develop rapport, and create a positive atmosphere. Consider hosting … Continued

Improving Your Occupancy

Are you looking to boost your occupancy in 2017? You may want to take a look at your digital marketing to see if there’s room for improvement. Let’sexamine a couple of ways you can improve occupancy via online marketing. Make sure your information is accurate and current. This may seem obvious but it can prove … Continued

Managing Properties with Pet Owning Residents

Today, the number of people living with pets is greater than ever. In fact, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been meticulously evaluating the topic as it relates to renters and it’s already created a guide titled Resident Rights that every property manager should take the time to read. One of … Continued

Standing out in a Sea of Competitors

Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of property management companies doing business. With so much competition, it’s worth evaluating ways to stand out from competitors and grab the attention of prospective clients. A major goal of an owner is to get their property rented as quickly as possible, therefore it is essential to make … Continued

Are You Familiar with Current Fair Housing Laws?

An effective property manager must always abide by the Fair Housing Laws and should be familiar with them. There are major laws barring discrimination based on factors such as race, sex, religion, national origin, or disability that most property managers know about, but then there are also regulations and rules that have recently been implemented. … Continued

Conducting Your Criminal Background Checks

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released new guidelines regarding how property managers go about their criminal background checks. As more and more properties take a zero tolerance approach towards criminals and refuse to rent to a person with a felony conviction, these policies can run into trouble as … Continued

Switching to an Online Payment System

Are you still using checks to process payments? The checks collected by a property management company can eventually lead to another pile up of records, which seems counterproductive if you’re trying to transition to a paperless office. There are a number of reasons why implementing electronic payments can be beneficial. These reasons include improved efficiency … Continued

Single Family Home Property Management

Most property managers responsible for multi-units already have a well-established system in place to handle various aspects like available unit tracking, property marketing, floor plan displays, and managing maintenance or tenant service requests. All of these things make it much easier to take care of tasks such as scheduling maintenance requests weeks in advance or … Continued

Building Strong Client Relationships

The summer and fall season serve as a reminder to property managers about the importance of annual maintenance, and one of these maintenance procedures that should be carried out as a property manager is ensuring that your client relationships are in good health. As you make the necessary appointment scheduling and oversee responsibilities, ask yourself … Continued

Keeping Your Properties Secure in the Summer

During these sweltering summer days, it’s even more important to have proper security measures in place that are operational. Whether it’s teenagers on vacation with nothing to do and looking for trouble or someone who makes a living out of being a criminal, the season is ripe for unwanted activity. Apartment units are often left … Continued