Improving Your Social Media Presence as a Property Manager

socialMediaAn effective social media presence is increasingly becoming a major component of a successful property manager’s list of responsibilities. To build an audience for a community or property page on Facebook and maintain followers, there are some steps that need to be taken.

For starters, first impressions are everything. The majority of people will only visit your page once to determine whether or not they “like” it. Any further updates or interactions will appear on the person’s News Feed. Hence, a strong introduction is imperative. Make sure your page is engaging as this will play a critical role in establishing an audience.

Once you’ve built an audience, engagement becomes crucial. Daily status updates are a great way to keep things fresh but don’t overdo it, a maximum of two updates is good. When talking with fans, keep the conversations to simple questions that can be read in seconds versus minutes. You want to be informative, but you must also remember that the attention span of most users is very limited because of the sheer amount of information being presented.

Sharing a video of recently held community events? Make sure to tag the people in the videos. Tagging will make the video show up on other people’s News Feed, essentially generating word of mouth for you and your property.

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