Are You Ready for Millennials?

millennialsDid you know there are over 70 million millennials? Just like everyone else, these people are also looking for a place to live, and they are increasingly choosing to rent over buying. When it comes to finding a safe and convenient place to live, these individuals tend to go about things a little differently. Do you know how to effectively reach out to them as a property manager?

First off, it’s important to make sure you’re placing rental ads where millennials can find them. Web sites and mobile ads are a must, and they should include photos and perhaps even floor plans if possible. On that note, keep a close eye on reviews and ratings. More than any other group, millennials depend heavily on the opinions of others. Should any issues arise, take care of them promptly and make a note of your response where it can be viewed by prospective renters.

You need to beef up your social media presence. Services like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used daily by millions of millennials and you should take advantage of these opportunities. Create Facebook pages for the properties you’re promoting, stay active with updates, and interact with followers.

Emphasize your amenities. Millennials love—and may even expect—free Wi-Fi. Advertise these amenities as well other conveniences like coffee shops or fitness facilities. These people also have a greater likelihood of using public transportation, so it wouldn’t hurt to mention that too.

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