Grabbing the Attention of Quality Tenants

qualityTenantIt’s always tough, but the first quarter can be particularly challenging. Thankfully there are effective ways to make the process a little easier, beginning with an open house.

Open houses are a proven method commonly used by realtors, not so much property managers. However, these open houses can become vital marketing tools that don’t break the bank and result in high dividends. Consider some of the following.

You’ll receive a surplus of visitors. While some of these visitors won’t necessarily be on the hunt for a rental home, an open house literally opens the door to a prospective rental opportunity in the future. This future tenant may have questions about what the property offers but would rather avoid the whole application process and formal apartment tour. Keep a sign-up sheet around for those that want additional information and your leasing agent can take care of the follow-up.

Word of mouth advantages. While you may receive some visitors that have no intention of becoming tenants of your property, the open house could sway them to talk about it with their family or friends if they’re impressed enough.

You can provide perks. You can create vouchers or flyers that provide an incentive for the person to apply. A restaurant gift card, a discount on the first month’s rent, there is a tremendous amount of room to get creative and draw attention.

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