Evaluate Your Properties in Time for the Spring

springPropertySpring may not be here officially, but the temperatures lately seem to suggest it’s already made an arrival. It’s never too early to take a look at your properties, do some spring cleaning, and make sure they’re ready for the soon to skyrocket temperatures.

Examine the HVAC units. The last thing you want is to find these units are not working when it feels like it’s 90+ degrees outside. Take a proactive approach to reduce the odds of any surprises so you have sufficient time to make repairs.

Make a checklist. Take a tour of your property and make an inventory of any work that needs to be done by a professional. This will give you enough time to evaluate bids from local contractors and still get the work done in time.

Check out the roof and gutters. Grab a ladder and inspect the rooftops and gutters for any signs of damage or debris. With the rainy season quickly approaching, you’ll reduce a number of potential headaches by being proactive.

Make it a community event. You could get residents involved by turning your spring cleaning into an event. Send out a newsletter promoting a garage sale where residents can earn a buck or two and keep things tidy by selling some of their belongings they no longer need or use.

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