It May Be Time to Give Your Technology an Upgrade


Does your property management run on the latest technology? Fantastic! You’re staying on top of ever-evolving trends. For those that are still operating on antiquated tech, it may be time to consider how today’s advancements can benefit your tenants, applicants, and of course your business. Having trouble getting started? Here are a few suggestions.

Remember the days when you were limited to exterior shots of a home and would have to get in touch with an agent to take you on a tour? With the advent of virtual tours, a savvy property manager can seize the opportunity to present apartments and homes online. Remember that by providing prospective applicants a greater amount of information, you’re increasing the odds of an application being filled out.

Applications bring us to our next point: online rental applications. So you have a wealth of tours and high-quality photos available for prospective tenants to view online. They become so enamored that they choose to fill out the application, preferably one available to complete online. Having to manually request an application or requiring them to visit the office “kills the momentum” as well as the interest, which means you risk losing a future tenant to a property that offers the online application capability.

Is there a reason why you wouldn’t want to make the rent payment process as painless as possible? Online rent payments make it easier to receive the money on time, there are no checks to deal with, and there is no mailing necessary. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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