Why choose us?

At ROI Property Management we understand that the most important goal for investors is to achieve optimum Return On Investment, hence our name. We understand both, tenant needs and the dynamics of maintaining the investment property in great condition, in order to maximize revenue while minimizing expenses. We are an investor-owned management company. Our experience and understanding of real estate investments gives us the tools and advantage to deliver real results and top performance.

Flat rate pricing: By employing modern technology and proven processes, we have a distinct advantage to get the job done for less, ensuring owners receive all of the savings.

Full service: Low cost management is the essence of our flat rate pricing, but rest assured that you’ll still be receiving the optimum quality of service. Our comprehensive array of services entail:

Franklin Bill

Rent Collection

Our online payment software significantly streamlines the tenant rent collection process. Tenants can easily make direct payments, allowing us the flexibility to service your account quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance Processing and Service

Your home is vital to you, which is why we take the extra measures and precautions to ensure that tenants are thoroughly qualified before being placed in your home. Should maintenance or service be required, our professional team is readily available to you to address any problem that may arise.


We specialize in property leasing and we go above and beyond to make sure that your property is leased within the minimum amount of time so that your costs remain minimal. Our leasing team will advertise and find qualified candidates efficiently to reduce the amount of time your property remains unoccupied.

Delinquent tenant services

Should a tenant delinquency situation arise, we will take the necessary and proper steps to quickly and legally evict the tenant. We take the extra measures to try and avoid eviction by having proper systems in place designed to efficiently collect and process a tenant’s rent payment.


Every tenant is unique and their situations differ, but if he or she becomes past due on their financial obligations, we will promptly begin the eviction process should it be necessary.

Online Payment Portal

Our Online Payment Portal is the most efficient and comprehensive method to ensure your tenants can conveniently and securely pay their rent online. This process significantly streamlines payment processing and rent collection for your tenants, allowing them the convenience of paying regardless of the time of day.

Financial reporting

Your investment is important to you, which is our Landlord Tenant Website allows you to easily view essential information including investment reports provided to you on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis. This portal is available to you 24/7 and also shows you the financial standing of each individual property that is being managed by ROI Property Management.