Encourage Community Sharing

An effective HOA is one based on sharing. Whether that’s having conversations with neighbors over the white picket fence, setting up play dates at the local park, it goes beyond the standards of sharing pools and parking lots. The HOA has a fantastic opportunity to build upon this sense of sharing, fostering more of a … Continued

Should an HOA Allow a Cell Tower?

More than ninety percent of people have a cell phone these days, and many of them have chosen to get rid of landlines in favor of a mobile phone. As companies like AT&T and Sprint continue to explore options to provide better customer service, these options often include erecting cell phone towers in strategic parts … Continued

Millennials Are Evolving the HOA Demographic

You’ve likely noticed that millennials are increasingly moving into your HOA. It’s estimated that this group will become the largest group of home buyers in 2017, and there is little doubt that many of them will seek an HOA to achieve their dream of homeownership. While this is great news for an HOA, it also … Continued

What’s the Deal with HOA Fees?

Just about every homeowner in an HOA or condo has wondered what’s being paid for with HOA fees. This obviously differs based on the community, but it’s still something that most members of the HOA know little about. For homeowners, there is no choosing where the HOA fee money is spent, at least not directly. … Continued

How Much Power Does the President Have?

If an HOA board elects new officers, how much power does the president have? Can he or she make decisions without receiving approval from the rest of the board such as terminating or changing manager contracts? In such a scenario, it’s imperative to be aware of association bylaws, and the simple answer to this question … Continued

Is It Possible to Deduct HOA Fees?

The deadline to file taxes is just around the corner, and we’re all looking to make deductions where possible. If you run a homeowner’s association, have you given some thought as to whether certain HOA fees are tax deductible? Generally, members of an HOA agree to pay certain dues or fees, typically related to maintaining … Continued

Effectively Enforcing the Rules

When people join an HOA, they do so with a degree of understanding of what to expect. There are rules that must be followed and they need to be okay with these rules. Problems arise when you have the tenants that feel the rules don’t apply to them or simply forget about them. In the … Continued

Do Owners Ever Read the CC&Rs?

Among the many hurdles that come with association management, getting homeowners to read the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) is easier said than done. “Why don’t they simply read the CC&Rs?” is a common question you’ve probably heard multiple times. Is this expectation asking too much of your homeowners? After all, most of us never … Continued

Boosting Attendance at the Annual HOA Meeting

One of the major hurdles faced by HOA boards is getting people to actually show up at the annual meetings. For many members, this meeting comes across as a necessary evil or something that has little relevance to them. However, there are steps you can take to potentially boost attendance while also getting more members … Continued

Should an HOA Allow Short Term Rentals?

HOA board members have a number of decisions to make that will affect the association. As services offering short term rentals continue to grow, HOAs have to be ready to decide how they’re going to tackle these types of services to ensure they remain current. Let’s explore some of the pros, cons, and what options … Continued